July 4th Boat Parade

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Each year, the Geist Lake Coalition hosts its annual July 4th Boat Parade. Thanks to our good friends at Repro Graphix for partnering with Pronghorn Studio to create the artwork for this year’s poster!

Boat Parade

Lount Corporation Unveils Conrad House

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WINNIPEG, MANITOBA – Lount Corporation recently unveiled its newest development, Conrad House in Osborne Village, and Pronghorn Studio was thrilled to participate in the project. For more information about Conrad House and Lount Corporation’s other exciting projects, click this link:

Conrad House

Renderings of National Desert Storm War Memorial

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We’re proud to announce Brian McFarland – founder of Pronghorn Studio – has completed the renderings of the National Desert Storm War Memorial in Washington, DC.

CSO desert eye

The Memorial’s current design is the result of a 20-month collaborative effort between the National Desert Storm War Memorial Board of Directors (the “Board”), numerous veterans of the war, CSO Architects, Inc., Context Landscape Architecture, and other citizen contributors who have been affected by the war. Reflecting months of contemplative research and survey results, the Board believes the current design represents a fitting, meaningful, and memorable experience for visitors and those affected by the war.

cso desert birds

The National Desert Storm Veterans War Memorial is an elegantly-curved, massive Kuwaiti limestone wall, which will enclose a sacred, somber, Memorial space. The curved wall serves many functional and symbolic purposes. First, it shields visitors and the “Memorial experience” both visually and acoustically from the noisy, urban surroundings of downtown Washington, DC. Second, the massive stone wall and the floor of the Memorial are crafted from earth-toned limestone, which will represent the sands of the Kuwaiti desert. Third, the curved wall, sweeping as an arc in the north and east direction, recalls the “left hook” maneuver that helped to bring the war to a timely conclusion and to minimize the loss of life to Coalition Forces.

cso desert plan

For more information about the National Desert Storm War Memorial, please visit their website by clicking here:

New Works by Pronghorn Studio

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Brian McFarland, an artist and illustrator working in Denver and Indianapolis, specializes in Architectural Illustration and Urban Visualization. Experience the” soft speak” of hand drawn watercolor images.


The ART is in the details…

Pronghorn Studio Announces New Font Project!

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Pronghorn Studio is happy to announce our new joint venture with the law offices of McFarland Pyle & Stone!

In the coming months, we’ll be collaborating with MPS to create a new, legalese-friendly version of a standard sans serif font. So keep an eye on our blog for updates and let us know what you think.

New Pronghorn Studio Website!

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Welcome to Pronghorn Studio’s new website! Take a look around and tell us what you think!

The new version of will make it easier for you to contact us and find updates about our latest projects and installations. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook too!