Festival Art

ART . . . is a powerful tool for ensuring the success of community-based festivals, events and celebrations!

Pronghorn Studio specializes in producing original artwork specifically focused on your community and the spirit of your celebration.

A successful Art piece can become the focus of any marketing effort. It creates a positive recognizable image. Whether used in press releases, websites, t-shirts or posters, Art provides increased opportunities for sponsor recognition and community participation and awareness.

Pronghorn Studio specializes in illustration, fine art, presentation graphics and design. Emphasis is placed on creating unique and exciting visual images that energize public interest, sponsor support, community awareness and pride.

Our Studio also offers the tools and services needed to create organization logos and websites, event posters, print ads and t-shirts. We can be a resource for any or all of your marketing needs.

Our success is dependent upon your success. Front-end costs are kept to a minimum. We use a variety of creative collaborative efforts focused on mutual success and benefit.

Learn more, plan ahead and contact Pronghorn Studio today. Make your festival the best it can be!